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In 1992, Vanessa Choy and Andrew Wong won a design competition for the first multiplex cinema in Hong Kong.  They left Los Angeles to supervise construction and wongchoy design was founded. In the subsequent decade, Vanessa and Andrew built a thriving international design practice with a string of cinema projects, collaborations with luxury retailers to fully realize design and consumer experience concepts for their brands, and teamed with property developers and private homeowners on high end residential projects.

In 2003, Vanessa and Andrew relocated back to Los Angeles to raise their three young children.  After completing construction of their new home, wongchoy design is relaunched in LA!

wongchoy design continues to be recognized for its work in residential and commercial architecture, interior design, urban concepts, furniture design and strategic planning.  wongchoy design creates elegant and timeless solutions for a modern life that is in harmony with the natural world.